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When will Paperlike update the Digital Pro Planner?

The next version of the Digital Pro Planner will be released in mid-December 2023 and will be automatically made available to previous buyers.

What if the links don't work in the Digital Journal or Planner?

Notetaking apps like GoodNotes have two modes: View Mode and Edit Mode. If you're trying to click a link to go to a specific day, week, or month, and it's not working, chances are you are in Edit Mode. → To navigate the document, switch to View Mode.

Can I use the Journal and Planner on apps other than Notability?

Our digital journal and planner are a PDF file, which is easy to import on most note-taking apps. Simply upload the PDF template to your preferred app to enjoy it there. The following video shows how to import the Digital Pro Planner. This also works

How do I upload the Free Digital Journal and Planner to Notability or GoodNotes?

To download your version of the Paperlike Free Digital Journal or Planner, please visit these pages using your iPad browser:. Follow these instructions. For additional information on importing, please refer to our video or review:

When will Paperlike update the Free Digital Journal and Free Digital Planner?

We update the Free Digital Journal and Free Digital Planner once a year, latest in December. To get notified every time we publish an update, subscribe to our newsletter at:

Why does the week start on Sunday?

United States, Canada, Brazil, Japan, and other countries across the world consider Sunday as the first day of the week. Jan - Paperlike’s founder and CEO – also enjoys planning his weeks on Sunday evening. → That's why our Journal and Free Planner s

How to use the Paperlike Journal oder Planners with Evernote?

Once you open the Digital Planner in Evernote, there will 3 buttons available at the bottom of the screen:Click on the 3 dots button on the right sideSelect Edit and Annotate, from there you will be able to edit the plannerIn Edit Mode, you will be a