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What if the links don't work in the Digital Journal or Planner?Updated 6 months ago

If you are trying to open a link in a note-taking app, and it's not working, check to see if you are in Edit Mode. If so, switch to View Mode, where the links are likely to be functional for navigation purposes.

Here's how each mode could affect link functionality:

Edit Mode

In this mode, you can make changes to your notes, including typing, formatting, and inserting links. However, in many note-taking apps, links are not "clickable" or "active" in Edit Mode. This is because the app prioritizes editing functions over navigation functions. When you try to tap a link in Edit Mode, the app may interpret this as an intention to edit the text of the link, rather than to follow the link.

View Mode

Conversely, in View Mode, the app is set up for reading and interacting with content without making changes. In this mode, links are usually "active," meaning you can tap them to open the associated web page or document. If you are in Edit Mode and find that links are not working, switching to View Mode may resolve the issue.

Video instructions for first-time users

In Chapter 3, at 1 minute and 38 seconds, we demonstrate the difference between Edit Mode and View Mode.

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