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What’s the difference between the Free Digital Planner and the Pro Planner?Updated 6 months ago

The Free Planner is the “Sunday Start, Light Mode” planner and is available from the Free Digital Planner download page when you click or tap the “GET YOUR PLANNER” button.

The purchasable Pro Planner includes the free planner PLUS four additional versions:

  • Daily Planner (undated).
  • Weekly Planner: Sunday start.
  • Weekly Planner: Monday start.
  • Full Pro Planner: Sunday start (includes month, week, and day pages).
  • Full Pro Planner: Monday start (includes month, week, and day pages).

Each planner is available in both a light and dark version, creating a total of 10 templates.

You are not sure whether the Pro Planner is a good fit?

Downloading the Free Digital Planner is a great first step.

If you prefer the default (light mode, Sunday start) edition of the planner, the free option might be the only planner you need.

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