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Can I use Paperlike on top of my glass screen protector?

While we have heard from happy customers that placing the Paperlike on top of a glass screen protector can work, we don’t recommend using the Paperlike in this way. To maintain responsiveness during tap/touch interactions, screen protectors are typic

How can I avoid or remove bubbles when applying Paperlike?

During the application process, you may encounter bubbles. Small bubbles that can’t be removed when you try to push them out are likely specks of dust or other airborne debris that landed on the surface of your iPad before you applied the Paperlike.

How can I clean my Paperlike?

The best way to clean your Paperlike is with our all-in-one cleaning kit. If you don't have that nearby, you can also use some dishwashing liquid and a damp cloth, or alcohol-based wipes and a lens cleaning solution. To clean your screen. - Use the P

How do I avoid scratches when using the Apple Pencil?

Your Paperlike is designed to withstand friction from the Apple Pencil. If you’ve noticed scratches on your Paperlike after using your Apple Pencil, your Apple Pencil tip may need to be replaced. While Apple Pencil tips resemble a piece of plastic, t

How do I get the initial Paperlike roughness back?

It is normal for the Paperlike to lose some roughness after heavy use. Hand and skin oils can clog the Paperlike surface, resulting in reduced friction. To extend the life and usability of your Paperlike, be sure to clean it regularly, e.g. with our

How do I remove an old Paperlike from my iPad?

The easiest way to remove an old screen Paperlike from your iPad:. Use a credit card, and push a corner to pop up the old screen protector.

I sometimes hear squeaking noises. Is this normal?

In rare cases, residues of the glue that protects the Paperlike during shipping can produce a squeaking noise when the Apple Pencil glides over them. To solve this problem, simply clean your Paperlike. The noises should disappear:How can I clean my P

Is Paperlike available for tablets other than the iPad?

Currently, Paperlike is available exclusively for iPad. In the future, we may offer Paperlike for other tablets. Stay up to date on future releases by signing up for our newsletter at

My Paperlike looks glossy or has watermarks, imprints or sticker residue

Your Paperlike is enclosed in two protective layers — one on the back and one on the front.  These layers protect the product from dust, scuffing, and scratching during transit. While applying your Paperlike, you will remove both layers. The screen p

There is a sticker on my Paperlike

Your Paperlike will arrive with a sticker that invites you to watch our application video so that you can have the best Paperlike installation experience. You don’t need to remove this sticker to apply your Paperlike properly. The screen protector is

What Paperlike size do I need?

The size of your Paperlike will depend on your iPad model. Please consider using the table below to match your iPad model to the correct Paperlike product. You can identify your iPad using the information in this Apple support article or by entering

Which Paperlike version did I buy or receive?

Since October, 18th, 2022 we sell the “Paperlike with Nanodots” in 2 versions:. Paperlike 2. Paperlike 2.1. → We’re moving to develop our material with a Premium Swiss Material, which allows us to create new material composites that are even better.

Why is my Apple Pencil no longer working?

A low battery is the primary factor that can cause a paired Apple Pencil to stop working. If the charge level drops below 2%, the pencil will stop functioning, and it is necessary to charge it as soon as possible. During the application process, you