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How do I avoid scratches when using the Apple Pencil?Updated 5 months ago

Please examine the tip of your Apple Pencil

Your Paperlike is designed to withstand friction from the Apple Pencil. If you've noticed scratches on your screen protector after using your Apple Pencil, one potential cause could be the condition of the Apple Pencil tip: 

If you see a small, black dot at the end of your nib, it’s time to replace the tip*! 

While Apple Pencil tips resemble a piece of plastic, they contain a small metal rod. This rod is exposed due to normal wear and tear and is the likely cause of the scratching or scuffing that you have noticed.

*Apple sells 4-packs of replacement tips directly from their website.

Additionally, scratches typically result from various other factors:

  1. Are you wearing rings or bracelets?
  2. Do you carry the iPad without any protective case? 
    The Paperlike surface is softer than the glass screen of the iPad. This makes a protective cover and careful usage even more necessary.
  3. Another effective tip for minimizing screen marks and scratches, especially when using the Apple Pencil, is to clean your screen before or after every use.
Note: If you would like us to investigate further, please leave the Paperlike in place and send us a picture of the current state, while the screen is switched off. 
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