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Which Paperlike version did I buy or receive?Updated 3 months ago

On we only sell the Paperlike 2.1 made of new Premium Swiss Material and coming with a more colorful packaging for the following iPad models:

✔️ iPad Pro 12.9"
✔️ iPad Pro 11" & iPad Air 10.9"
✔️ iPad 10.2" (2019, 2020 & 2021)
✔️ iPad Mini 2021
✔️ iPad 10,9 10th Gen (2022)

Paperlike 2

Paperlike 2.1

We’re moving to develop our material with a Premium Swiss Material, which allows us to create new material composites that are even better. More sizes will move to this new material in the upcoming months. In addition, you’ll see a notable increase in our screen protector transparency and picture clarity, and you’ll still get the same great stroke resistance and papery feel that you know and love.

In our setup video, you can review the distinctive blue packaging and accessory kit that comes with your Paperlike product.

More recent versions of our packaging may look slightly different because they arrive wrapped in a white, protective layer.  Aside from this minor change, all packaging, and accessories are the same.

Looking for the Paperlike 2.0?

The product initially launched as Paperlike 2 in our second Kickstarter campaign is still available on certain Amazon marketplaces and via our resellers.

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