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My Paperlike has watermarks, imprints or sticker residueUpdated 7 months ago

The Paperlike is a transparent, slightly matte Screen Protector that is not printed with any designs or watermarks.

This means that if you still see a sticker or imprints, you simply have not removed one of the two protective layers yet:

  • Your Paperlike is enclosed in two protective layers — one on the back and one on the front. These layers protect the product from dust, scuffing, and scratching during transit. Some of our protective layers have imprints or stickers with how-to information.
  • While applying your Paperlike, you will remove both layers. The Screen Protector (trapped between these layers) features a matte finish with a paper-like surface.

Make sure to carefully peel off the layer by following the provided instructions to ensure correct application. And enjoy the unique texture designed to enhance your device's display.

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