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How can I remove or avoid bubbles when applying the Paperlike?Updated 3 months ago

How to remove air bubbles 

During the application process, you may encounter bubbles. Air bubbles can usually be removed well:

Big bubbles

If you have already removed the protective cover foil, wrap a credit card into the dry wipe(!) to push out the bubbles.
Then try to “catch” smaller bubbles with bigger ones – as you did when playing Pac-Man 😉 – and then push from the center to the edges.

Small bubbles

Wrap the dry cloth around your index finger and gently rub the bubble until it disappears.

Dust bubbles

Small bubbles that can’t be removed when you try to push them out are likely specks of dust or other airborne debris that landed on the surface of your iPad before you applied the Paperlike.

If dust is trapped between your Paperlike and your screen, there is no easy way to remove it. Please remove your Paperlike and apply the second Paperlike following our tutorial video.

How to avoid dust bubbles

1.  Apply your Paperlike in a “quiet” room, with very little activity or traffic so that there is only a minimal amount of dust moving through the air.

2.  Using the wet wipes, dry wipe, and dust removers included in your packaging, thoroughly clean, wipe, and inspect your screen for dust particles before you apply your Paperlike.

3.  Once the plastic backing attached to the adhesive side of the Paperlike is removed, quickly apply the Paperlike to your iPad screen.

Do not blow air on the iPad in an attempt to remove dust. This will cause the air in the room to circulate, potentially disturbing additional dust and increasing the risk of particles adhering to your screen.  Instead, use the dust absorber included in your package to remove any visible dust.

Best environment for dustless application

Apply the Paperlike in the bathroom after a shower! The water vapor in the air prevents dust from flying around.

Still need help?

If you don't have a second Paperlike left, please get in touch with us using the chat below.

Note: If the provided solution did not resolve the issue, please leave the Paperlike in place and send us a picture of the current state. We'll be happy to assist you further.
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