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Paperlike's Drawing glove

How do I wash Paperlike’s Drawing Glove?

Our Drawing Glove is washer/dryer compatible.  Toss it in with your regular laundry and let the washer/dryer do all the work.

Does the iPad detect touch with the Drawing Glove on? Does it have palm rejection?

Yes! You’ll still be able to interact with the iPad using your fingers. While the iPad include native palm rejection, the glove will help to reduce false inputs by adding an extra layer between your skin and the tablet.

Does the Drawing Glove fit both right and left-handed users?

Yes, the Drawing Glove is designed for both left- and right-handed users, as well as any number of drawing and writing styles.

Will Paperlike’s Drawing Glove work with my tablet/stylus?

Paperlike’s Drawing Glove works with all modern tablets and computer displays.  The polyester contact layer will eliminate palm detection on all capacitive touchscreens, allowing you to draw unimpeded with the stylus of your choice. One thing to note

Why would I need a Paperlike Drawing Glove?

The Drawing Glove allows your hand to slide smoothly over glass screens, eliminating friction between your hands and the screen surface. The fabric layer also prevents the transfer of skin oils to digital screens, so your tools will stay clean while

Does the Paperlike Drawing Glove contain latex?

No, it does not contain latex.

Does this product offer wrist support to prevent repetitive strain injury?

No. The Paperlike Drawing Glove doesn’t offer any wrist support, but you may be able to use it in conjunction with wrist support tools like splints and braces.

Are any materials incompatible with the Drawing Glove?

The fabric is delicate and may be torn or ripped by hook and loop fasteners (Velcro and related brands / products). If used around these products, take care to ensure that they do not interact with one another.

Do I have to use one of Paperlike’s Screen Protectors for the Drawing Glove to work properly?

No.  While our Screen Protector improves the tactile feedback you receive while writing and drawing on your iPad, it’s not required for the Drawing Glove to function as intended. However, using both does provide added benefits. Our Screen Protector u

I’m not a metrologist! How do I size myself for this thing?

Paperlike’s Drawing Glove is made to be versatile. The unisex design fits snugly on either hand and is available in three sizes. Check out the chart below to discover your perfect fit. To find your size, use the following method:.