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Do I have to use one of Paperlike’s Screen Protectors for the Drawing Glove to work properly?Updated 2 months ago

No.  While our Screen Protector improves the tactile feedback you receive while writing and drawing on your iPad, it’s not required for the Drawing Glove to function as intended.

However, using both does provide added benefits.

Our Screen Protector uses Nanodots® technology to emulate the feel of writing on real paper.  The surface of the Screen Protector becomes less effective over time as skin oils and grime accumulate.  (This is easily solved by cleaning your Screen Protector.)

The Drawing Glove provides two additional benefits to your workflow:

  • It prevents oil and grime from accumulating on your screen.
  • It cleans your screen while you work.

If you have a glass screen or another screen protector on your device, our Drawing Glove will provide similar benefits in those circumstances.  However, we believe that the best experience for artists and notetakers comes from using Paperlike’s Screen Protector, and that, combined with the Drawing Glove, makes for an unbeatable productivity combination.

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