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StayGo mini USB-C Hub

Can this be used with iPads bearing a Lightning Connector (older iPad Air and iPad Pro models)?

No.  The StayGo mini connects to all iPads via a USB-C connector.  iPads without this connector will be incompatible with this accessory.

How do you know if your iPad has a USB-C connection?

You can check which versions of iPad have USB-C connections by checking the Apple support documentation for supported USB-C devices, located here. If you're not sure which iPad you have, you can find the model number by navigating to Settings > Gener

What's included?

1 x StayGo mini USB-C Hub.1x StayGo Connection Cable (0.5-meter/19.7-inch desk cable).Owner's Manual (also available here).

Which output has audio priority?

While both the HDMI and 3.5mm ports will carry audio, the 3.5mm port will gain audio priority if both ports are connected at the same time. If StayGo mini is already connected to the device, audio will come from the port that is connected last.

Can I use StayGo mini on my Macbook?

Yes! The StayGo mini can be connected to your MacBook using the StayGo Connection Cable (included with purchase).  No drivers or additional software are required. In this scenario, the StayGo mini will draw power from the Mac, and you’ll be able to c

Can I charge my device while using StayGo mini?

Yes. StayGo mini has a USB-C port to allow charging with the cable you always use.

Twelve South also sells the StayGo Hub (the big brother to the StayGo Mini). What’s the main difference between the two?

The StayGo mini is the little sister of the original StayGo USB-C Hub from Twelve South and was designed with additional mobility in mind. Compared to the StayGo mini, the original StayGo is larger and is designed for a desktop or office setup.  It a