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Twelve South also sells the StayGo Hub (the big brother to the StayGo Mini). What’s the main difference between the two?Updated 10 months ago

The StayGo mini is the little sister of the original StayGo USB-C Hub from Twelve South and was designed with additional mobility in mind.

Compared to the StayGo mini, the original StayGo is larger and is designed for a desktop or office setup.  It also offers more ports, including multiple USB 3.0 ports and card slots for an SD card and a Micro SD card.

However, the StayGo original is bulkier, comes at a slightly higher cost, and can’t connect directly to an iPad.

The original StayGo is likely to be a better fit for power users who primarily operate using a desktop and occasionally work in a mobile setup.  If the iPad is the customer’s primary workhorse, or if they just want compactness and a lower cost, the StayGo mini is the right solution.

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