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Paperlike's Pencil Grips

Does magnetic charging still work with my Apple Pencil 2 with the grips on?

The Paperlike Pencil Grips do not interfere with the native functionalities of your Apple product. This also includes the magnetic charging on the Apple Pencil (2nd generation) and charging while using the Lightning connector on the Apple Pencil (1st

Does the Double Tap feature work with my Apple Pencil 2 with the grips on?

The Paperlike Pencil Grips fully support the Double Tap gesture. Please ensure that the flat side of the grip rests on the flat side of the Apple Pencil. Here’s a video of Jan, the Paperlike founder, illustrating how to use the Double Tap feature bes

Does the Paperlike Pencil Grip also work with Apple Pencil 1?

Yes! Our pencil grips are designed to work with all current models of the Apple Pencil. No adapters or additional accessories are required.

How do I clean my Pencil Grips?

Cleaning your Paperlike Pencil Grips is easy:. Remove the grips from your Apple Pencil and simply use regular soap and hot water and rub gently to remove any oil or grime. Leave to dry before putting the grips back onto your Apple Pencil. Note: after

Would the Pencil Grips work with a stylus pen?

The Pencil Grips are designed for Apple Pencils and if the stylus is the same diameter as one of the Apple Pencils, then it should fit with any other pen or brush – for electronic devices or not.

Can I order only one Pencil Grip?

No. The reasoning behind the decision to sell our grips as a 2-pack was to provide you with the best experience for both precision and comfort. We didn't want to compromise one or the other with a single pencil grip. Regardless of your use case, ther

What are the Pencil Grips made of?

We chose silicone as the material because it simply feels good, is durable and resistant to dirt.

What is the difference between the Pencil Grips V1 and the Pencil Grips V2?

Paperlike’s Pencil Grips (2nd Generation) is a “fresh take” on our industry-defining Pencil Grips.  This product differs from the previous generation in the following ways:

Is this product environmentally friendly / sustainable?

Technically, yes.  This product is made of silicone, and the material is recyclable.  However, we (as a company) can’t recycle them. While customers can dispose of them based on their local recycling guidelines, they can’t send them back to us for di