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Paperlike's Cleaning Kit

How do I use the Cleaning Kit?

The Cleaning Kit will arrive prefilled, so you can start cleaning immediately. Simply take the spray bottle out of the hardshell casing, spray 1-2 times (depending on the size of your device), and use the microfiber-lined bottle to wipe down your scr

What’s the difference between Paperlike’s NEW Cleaning Kit and the previous model (1st Generation)

The latest version of the Cleaning Kit offers four major improvements:

How long does the Cleaning Kit spray last?

Cleaning Kit (2nd Generation): You can clean your iPad over 500 times using the included refill pellets, assuming that you clean your Paperlike once a week. Cleaning Kit (1st Generation): Depending on your use case, you can expect a lifespan of 12 -

Can I use the Cleaning Kit on any screen?

Yes! We use an alcohol-free formula for our cleaning solution formulated to remove dust, grime, and fingerprints that’s safe for any electronic device.

How do I use a refill pellet?

Fill the empty spray bottle with tap water, add one refill pellet, and wait 10 minutes (very important) before closing the container. The pellet with dissolve and the solution will be ready for use.

Is the Cleaning Kit refillable?

Yes, our Cleaning Kit (2nd Generation) comes with five refill pellets that’ll clean your Paperlike over 500 times. To refill your spray bottle, just fill it with tap water, add a pellet, and wait 10 minutes before closing the container.

What can I do when I’ve used all five refill pellets?

We don’t offer refill pellets as a standalone product, so you cannot buy refill pellets separately. Good news: The five included refill pellets are designed to last the average user around 10 (!) years.

What’s in the Cleaning Kit solution?

Our Cleaning Kit contains the following ingredients:

Is the Cleaning Kit solution safe?

When used as recommended, our solution is safe and easy to use. However, keep in mind that the Cleaning Kit solution is not safe for consumption by humans or animals. While stable as a pellet, the solution will dissolve when in contact with water.

How do I clean the microfiber cloth?

The microfiber lining absorbs the oils and dirt on your screen during use. To clean it, rinse the cloth with tap water and let it air dry.

Can I use the refill pellets with the old (1st generation) Cleaning Kit?

We advise against it. While you can refill the old Cleaning Kit, it’s not optimized for it. This makes it an inconvenient experience compared to refilling the new Cleaning Kit.

Does the Cleaning Kit remove bacteria or viruses?

The Cleaning Kit is not a disinfecting agent. Unfortunately, cleaners that claim antibacterial/antivirus properties would have to include chemicals that are harsh enough to eliminate bacteria and could be strong enough to damage your screen.

Is the Cleaning Kit product cruelty-free?

Our product is manufactured by methods that are cruelty-free:. The cleaning kit has not been tested on animals or other living things, and it is environmentally friendly.

Does the Cleaning Kit clean grease/oil?

The cleaning kit does a fantastic job on removing oil from the screen. Depending on how dirty your screen is, you might have to clean it a few times to remove all the spots.

Will the Cleaning Kit help with scratches?

Often, what a first glance looks like “scratches” are just pencil marks on a dirty screen. The Cleaning Kit will help to remove any traces of writing that the pencil leaves behind.