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Why was my order cancelled?Updated a year ago

We cancel orders for the following reasons:

Our system detected possible fraud.

You should have received an email from [email protected] explaining the different root causes and how to solve any outstanding issues.

Learn more about our NoFraud system at

Your address wasn't correct, and you haven't replied to our emails.

To ensure successful delivery, our shipping providers proactively check for incomplete address details and other required information before shipping a product to its intended destination.

When the shipper requests additional information, we will notify you twice via [email protected] over the course of three (3) weeks.  If we haven’t received a response, the order is automatically cancelled.

Don’t worry

If your order has been cancelled, you are welcome to place a new order through our website.  Click here to get started.

Please get in touch using the chat below if you need additional information regarding your order cancellation.

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