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Paperlike's Folio Case

How do I clean the Folio Case?

To clean the Folio Case use a wet cloth with lukewarm water or wet wipes.

Can the on/off and volume control buttons on the iPad be easily accessed with the Folio Case on?

Yes. The Folio Case doesn’t interfere with any of the buttons.

Will the wake/sleep function still work with the Folio Case?

Yes. The iPad will automatically be put to sleep when the Folio Case is closed. 😴

Does the Folio Case have a pen holder?

No, but the Folio Case has a flap that protects the Apple Pencil from falling off so it stays securely attached to the iPad.

What material is the Folio Case made of?

It’s made of PU Fabric & Microfiber.

How does the Folio Case stay closed?

The flap of the Folio Case is lined with magnets inside and wraps around the iPad, which keep it closed.

Which iPad models does the Folio Case support?

We currently support the following 12.9” iPad Pro and 11” Pro & 10.9” Air models:.

What modes/angles can I use the Folio Case in?

You can use it in 1) watching mode, and 2) writing/drawing mode - with the option of either a steep or a slight angle.

Does the Folio Case protect the edges of the iPad?

No, the Folio Case doesn’t wrap around the edges of the iPad.

Will the Folio Case stay closed in case the iPad falls?

It depends. It will stay closed if you the the flap closed.